close up

Have you ever been amazed by the superb look of a Hollywood’s movie posters ? How do they achieve that ? Well, first of all you have to be creative or skilled in Photoshop. Be creative and your stuff will always look interesting even if it’s super simple, unlike effects, […]


You don’t need a special macro lens to do macro photography with your SLR. Yes, you’ve read that right. You can actually shoot some pretty interesting close-up photos with the lens you have. When I first saw this trick via Photojojo, I was skeptical as it was so easy and simple. But after giving it a go myself, I was hooked! It involves no additional equipment or money and results will leave you grinning.


Here are 20 beautifully taken photos that only focus on the eyes. Eyes themselves make a powerful subject and can say a lot about the person and emotion. This post is definitely not for those with Ommetaphobia (fear of eyes).