black and white

To call Vivian Maier a famous photographer might strike some people a little strange, for during all her life she didn’t arouse anyone’s attention, and even most of the people that knew her weren’t aware that she was constantly taking pictures. They would have been surprised by the fact that […]


Photographing in black and white is sometimes considered to be the purist form of photography because you rely much more heavily on composition and form than with color shots. You must see the gradients from black to white and consider your subject matter without the distraction of hue vibrancy. Here […]


A photo can be that much more powerful when it’s stripped away of its colors. In Photoshop, there are many different ways to convert an image into a black and white, but this tutorial will show you how to use the channel mixer as it’s easy and also provides you with the flexibility.


Last time we ran a Photoshop tutorial on how to apply a selective color effect to a photo. This time, we want to showcase some great photos that have actually applied the selective color technique. Hopefully this photos will will give you some fun, unique and refreshing ideas for your next photo project.


Selective color is a cool post-processing technique that can really make your subject and photo stand out. You might have seen a photo where one thing might be in color and the rest of the photo is all in monotone (black and white or sepia). This tutorial will show you how to achieve this effect in Photoshop by using a quick and easy technique.


When I learned the rules of photography, I was trained in a traditional dark room. I learned to develop film and prints by hand in a step-by-step process. Through this process, I came to understand black and white, manual photography as all that was necessary to creating beautiful compositions. To […]