20 Great Close-up Photos of Eyes

May 14, 2010 · 72 comments

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When we look at a photo of a face, the first thing we notice are usually the eyes. Eyes themselves make a powerful subject and can say a lot about the person and emotion.

Here are 20 beautifully taken photos that only focus on the eyes. We have a variety of eyes that are striking, quirky, dreamy, expressive and dark. This post is definitely not for those with Ommetaphobia (fear of eyes).

Thanks to our reader Matthew from Up With People for this suggestion.

The Eye Of Jenny by kiolero

Father of the Eye
by ~Dezz~

My Dads Amazing Eye
by Natalion

Eye Of the Tiger
by SeXeS

by Michele Catania

by remography

Brown Eye
by Jesse J.

Eye see the world
by Assaf_F

The eye
by Arisu Saktos

Green eye
by photo.vju

Emma’s eye
by Punta1

Pretty Green eyes
by Doodoox – Juliette Legrand

Decon’s beautiful eye!
by loupiote (Old Skool)

My eye
by Jenna Walmer

The world through her eyes
by Aliens & Robots

My eye
by SophieMuc

Earache, My Eye!
by Laurel714

Eye eye
by memoreks

Now Your Eyes Roll Awake
by Dellaa

Eye can see you
by somebear

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