Almost everyone gets to the point sometimes where you are fed up with the tons of pics that take up all the space on your hard drive, and you don’t even wanna bother looking through all of it. The time when you are bored with going through the manual of […]


In photography, some of the accessories you accumulate can be essential to improving your shots. They can improve your mobility, compositions, usability of your camera and reduce unforseen weather and unknown location annoyances. But, figuring out what accessory is used for what and which one is a good fit for […]


How good would it be if you could just shoot, view and share your photos instantly? Or maybe when you’re out, you want to make space on your memory card without having to permanently delete the photos? Well, the newly released Eye-Fi WiFi lets you do all that and much more. It’s claimed to be the first wireless memory card.


Get ready for some wide-angle fun on the cheap. The Fisheye 2 is one of Lomography’s most popular cameras. It’s claimed to be the only wide-angle 35mm camera that can capture 170-degree view with its compact and easy-to-use design.

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