There has been a constant “chicken or the egg” debate going on in the photography world for years. Is it the camera body, or the “glass” that carries the most value?  In my humble opinion, it’s both. The relationship between camera and lens is much like that between the head […]

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I went to a wedding recently. It was the usual wedding crowd – a bunch of proud, dressed up oldies and their dolled up, ambitious, tech-savvy children. When the bride was walking down the aisle I noticed something curious. A sea of lit up smartphones were hovering at eye level […]


An underwater digital camera opens up a whole new world of photographic opportunities. Unlike the popular belief that underwater cameras are used only for sports like underwater photography, these compact cameras can be used for capturing memories in tough (and fun!) conditions like the rains, pool days, beach holidays and […]

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The new full-frame camera will be released in March and will be priced at $2,999. It is not a rumor or speculation.  The rumors were first confirmed in an official announcement  by Nikon, Japan. Priced at around $3,000, with amazing features, we expect the camera to sell like crazy! There is also […]


Top 5 Camera Lenses

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Camera lenses make otherwise distant and blurry photos better. Great camera lenses make those pictures amazing. Here are five that get the job done. #1 – Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM ($2149) Yeah, it’s expensive, which is why it might not be listed as one of the best camera deals, […]


For those of you who are annoyed with the focusing, either manually or automatically, that you have to do each time before you take a picture with your point-and-shoot or dSLR some of the promises made by Lytro, a start-up company located in Silicon Valley, could be just the thing. […]