20 Stunning Photos Using Selective Color Technique

June 8, 2010 · 32 comments

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Last time we ran a Photoshop tutorial on how to apply a selective color effect to a photo. This time, we want to showcase some great photos that have actually applied the selective color technique.

Hopefully this photos will will give you some fun, unique and refreshing ideas for your next photo project. If you have any other great examples to show us, simply post up a link in the comment box. We go through all the comments (good and bad) daily and try to respond to all of them.

Happy Crayons, Selective Color by Patrick Powers

Dewy Pine Leaf Uncurling
by DrWurm

by melanieburger

Hide n’ Seek
by Socceraholic

Selective Colors
by Fr Antunes

by dModer101

Experiment with sepia and color
by Lisa’s {names}aka.Santacrewsgirl

Tiger Lily
by jblaha

698 Alien
by Voyageur Solitaire-mladjenovic_n

Selective colour Manchester City Centre
by settme3

Selective color bonnets
by Mike D’Angelo

Transparent Butterfly
by thefost

by FranUlloa

Supersonic Tram
by mescon

Secret Lemonade Drinker
by Compound Eye

Jacobs Field-The View Through Kevin’s Sunglasses
by laffy4k

by JKim1

Neus a la Seu de Lleida
by · 7

by roger.moffatt

You don’t need Photoshop to produce this effect. A lot of digital cameras these days have a selective color setting you can use. The below photo is shot by Taispy using her Canon IXUS point-and-shoot camera, no post-processing has been applied.

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