A ‘Ring of Fire’ was created in the sky and was witnessed by people around regions in Asia and the Western U.S. on May 21, 2012. The ring was created because of an Annular Eclipse.  Such a phenomenon occurs when the moon lines up between the Earth and the Sun. […]

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Facebook launched ‘Facebook Camera’ for iPhone app last Thursday. The app is available for free in the iPhone App store. You can download it from here. The launch comes as a surprise to many. The buzz from the Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, a similar app, for a billion dollars is still […]


An underwater digital camera opens up a whole new world of photographic opportunities. Unlike the popular belief that underwater cameras are used only for sports like underwater photography, these compact cameras can be used for capturing memories in tough (and fun!) conditions like the rains, pool days, beach holidays and […]

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WordPress has opened a whole new realm of possibilities for photographers looking to get noticed. Its cheap, or, in some cases, even free. For the up-and-coming photographer, a decent WordPress site is one of the many essential tools for branding and marketing. Here are a few really nice looking photography […]


The new full-frame camera will be released in March and will be priced at $2,999. It is not a rumor or speculation.  The rumors were first confirmed in an official announcement  by Nikon, Japan. Priced at around $3,000, with amazing features, we expect the camera to sell like crazy! There is also […]


There is always something mystical about monochrome images.  Capturing black and white images is an art, which requires a trained eye. It is an art to picture a world without colours. However, in the absence of colours, post-processing can be a very challenging task. I use Photoshop and lightroom for […]

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