3 Masters Of Water Drop Photography – Markus Reugels, Martin Waugh, Corrie White

December 27, 2012 · 2 comments

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Water drop photography is an art of precision, timing and patience, resulting in surreal creations of liquid art.  In this post, we highlight three masters of this niche.  These photographers have perfected the art and produced some amazing bodies of work.  If you’re interested in water drop photography yourself, a good starting point is this guide by Corrie White.

Markus Reugels of Marktsteinach, Germany

You can purchase water drop photography prints of Markus Reugels  mounted to bamboo, acrylic and aluminum at Artprintstopia.com.  For a limited time, his “Take The Reins” piece is offered at 15% off.


Corrie White of London, Ontario


 Martin Waugh of Portland, Oregon


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