20 Interesting High-Speed Photographs

December 20, 2010 · 20 comments

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Photography is often about capturing that moment in time and freezing it. What’s even more interesting is capturing that split millisecond in time and seeing what the eye doesn’t usually pick up. Here’s a showcase of 20 stunning high-speed photos with a hint of eeriness about them.

Passion Fruit Death by Illuminating Distractions

High speed crack by < Warloofer >

High speed photography by aafung2000

Untitled by Lee Delaunay

I can’t live without water by Fahdah Al-Mugairen

Balancing drop by saibot83

Rising red by breic

Digital bokeh by breic

Egg by Alex Andrea Broderick

Untitled by mr shutter bug

It’s only water by Frank_F_S

Untitled by fksr

Double & splash by dongga BS

Let it rain by Christophe Kiciak

Green Splash by jfranciskay

Peeled by nebarnix

Untitled by Mika Anderson

By Alexander Augusteijn

Untitled by  just , doaa

Hopeless by liquid in plastic

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