iPhone Photographers: Hipstamatic & Instagram Prints Transformed Into Gallery Quality Art

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Whether you like it or not, a photography revolution is taking place with the proliferation of cell phone cameras particularly the iPhone.  The ease and convenience of snapping (an increasingly higher resolution) shot and adding a filter to style it with apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram has stoked the artist embers in many.  So much so that 10% of all photos taken in history have been taken in the past year according to one study.

What hasn’t changed is the fact that most of these images will be lost in the digital sea, buried by the next “OMG Karen, that retro looking cow grazing in the corn field, fading away into the depths of a solar eclipse… is SOOOO gorgeous!”  Am I right? Granted, Karen’s shot could be featured on sites like Flickr or 500px.  Perhaps even NatGeo..  Ok probably not NatGeo.  But an image doesn’t really come alive until you see it and feel it in 3 dimensions, on the wall.  Only then does it truly speak to you.

There are many ways to transform a photo into artwork for your wall, the most popular being canvas.  Canvas is a bit tacky and old fashioned in my opinion.  However, it’s cheaper and can be a decent option for many.  A higher quality, more modern option is to use unique photo mounting materials such as bamboo, acrylic and aluminum and Bumblejax.com is the only company in the world offering all three.  Your iPhone photo is enlarged, printed and carefully mounted at their lab in Seattle. Recently, they rolled out new sizes to accommodate Hipstamatic and Instagram photos.  Yes, now it’s possible to create gallery quality wall art which comes ready to hang from your Hipstamatic and Instagram images in either a 12×12 or 18×18 size.  A 24×24 option may be offered soon if those apps utilize the increased resolution of the new iPhone.  The shot below shows Hipstamatic prints mounted to acrylic, aluminum and bamboo in that order.  Take my word for it, pictures and video don’t do these justice!


Check out this page for more information.  It should be noted only photos taken with Hipstamatic set at highest quality are eligible and that only photos taken with Instagram 2.0 are eligible.

Limited time launch discount of 15% on your first order so don’t miss out!


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