World’s First Real Time Photography Exhibition (London)

November 16, 2012 · 0 comments

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Last night Sony teamed up with three photographers to host the first-ever real-time digital photography exposition. Three photographers from Paris, Berlin and London used Sony’s latest NEX-5R camera (REVIEW / BUY) to “capture the light” of their city and instantly submit their photos to the London Gallery via the camera’s built-in-wifi feature.

London’s Loading Bay Gallery will display the photos on several screens as soon as they are sent in from each location. For one night only, 100 people will get to experience the nightlife, the culture and the charm of each city through this evolving showcase of digital images while photographers work quickly to find their inspiration.

“The Real Time Gallery is unlike any project I’ve ever worked on because it’s so unpredictable,” said Lee Strickland, the photographer working from London. “I’ll need to keep a really open mind when looking for shots that capture my imagination, but the immediacy will really give me an opportunity to show how diverse London is, and the stories that can be found if you’re looking for them.”

William Daniels and Paul Sullivan join Lee Strickland in this innovative experiment. Perhaps we’ll see other competing technologies now that SONY has created this new trend that is sure to change how photographers share and display their work. While no one knows what to expect, this example of merging art-worlds through technology is sure to trigger big changes and expand possibilities for the future of digital photography.”

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