10 Astonishing Tilt-Shift Videos

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I’m sure you have seen some amazing tilt-shift photos – if not, tilt-shift creates an effect that turns normal sized objects or scenes into miniature-like. It is done by special tilt-shift lenses that have very limited depth of field. To start playing with this technique you need to buy a tilt-shift lens, attach to your dSLR camera and start shooting.

In this post we wanted to feature some of the best videos applying this technique. To make such amazing pieces you can see below, just take your time lapse tilt-shift photos and create video using some video editing software (it is most popular technique) . Scroll down your our 5 quick tips on creating tilt-shift videos.

Check out our Fake Tilt-shift Photoshop Tutorial!

Astonishing Tilt-Shift Videos:

The Sandpit from Sam O’Hare.

gottardo nord from fb1 visuals.

Small Life in Saxon Switzerland from Christoph Schaarschmidt.

5 Quick Tips to Create Tilt-Shift Time Lapse Videos:

1) Get some tilt-shift lens (we assume you have the camera). If you want just to experiment – ask your friends, maybe they have this type of lens as they are pretty expensive.

2) Think about some interesting scenes to shoot. Scene should include some moving objects as they look very interesting in your ‘miniature’ world. People, cars etc works great!

3) Experiment how fast to take shots. there are no standarts how much frames per second you should take, just play arond and see what works for you best.

4) Try to shoot from above. Remember – you are trying to create miniature effect!

5) Search for some great music track as it helps to create right feeling. You can also play with frames, even add some effects that match music when editing video.

Toy Soldiers from Alta Media Productions.

Small Worlds – Preview. from Keith Loutit.

Seascapes 2009 from robi vincze.

Tilt Shift Test #1 from Jaemie Manners.

GUNDAM: Tilt-Shift from RYO.

tiltshift me from rabid deniroe.

Small Life in Southampton, England from Mark Rigler.

Do you have some great looking tilt-shift photos sitting around on your hard drive?  How about bringing those photos to life by having them photo mounted on unique materials such as bamboo, acrylic or aluminum?

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