Running Away From The Camera Photography – Ready, Set, Run!

April 27, 2010 · 9 comments

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Next time you see a photo with someone running away with his back towards the camera, don’t think it’s a candid photo. It’s in fact a photo craze that has its own blog, Flickr group and has sparked hundreds of people to give it ago.

The technique is simply called Running From the Camera. Simply pop your camera onto a tripod or sturdy surface, set the timer to two seconds, press the button, and then RUN!

This photo inspiration will definitely get you off the couch and maybe you will even find yourself in obscure places and areas. No fancy shoes, expensive cameras, or heavy equipment needed.

Tip: Why just stop at two seconds? Why not try four, eight or even 12? See what kind of images those will produce. Oh, and don’t leave your camera alone for too long!

These quirky photos below will surely put a smile on your face and motivate you to try this out. Let us know if you have more examples!

Run From Camera by tbr
Run From Camera

Running from camera by ircharizard
Running from camera

Run Away From Your Camera by brawk

Run Away From Your Camera

Still a weird feeling by JSchoeck
Still a weird feeling

Running with dogs
by DavidDMuir
Running with dogs

Running up and away
by ronWLS
Running up and away

Running from camera (2 seconds) by muggezifter This is the guy who runs the blog, so he has plenty of running from camera shots!

Running from camera (2 seconds)

Running Away
by angelsk
Running Away

Running away from the camera
by tinaadventure
Running away from the camera

Running Away by MegaBee
Running Away

Running away
by rebecca p
Run Run Runaway

Run away from the camera by aldella

Run away from the camera

Crowd running away
by Cirofono
Crowd running away

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