21 Amazing Cloud Photos

June 29, 2010 · 31 comments

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You don’t need to look too hard or travel too far for a subject that would amaze, excite and produce a smile on your face. Spend an afternoon outside and just look up. Cloud watching isn’t just something for kids.

Here are 21 photographs that have captured the subject of clouds perfectly. Some are stunning and others whimsical. Take a look and hopefully get inspired on your next photo shoot!

Mercurial by Charlie Carver

Untitled by hito.fr

Am I an angry cloud or a happy cloud? by kevindooley

Sweet Home Under White Clouds by tipiro

Mammatus clouds by Robyn Hooz

Nube de Dios by Gonzalo Barrientos

Magical Cirrus Clouds by unifiedphoto

UFO Cloud by watch4u

Cloud passing by by dsevilla

Tidal Cloud by birlewphotography

Iridescent Clouds by ★☆Pixie Led☆★

Massive, bloody clouds by Joaaso

Cirrus uncinus cloud by Richard Lehoux

Airplane in the clouds by marcolinho

Clouds by renwest

Cloud by jarrodstone

Clouds reflecting sunset by Adam Fowler

Cloud Blood by Angelina

Storm clouds gathering by thehutch

I see skies of blue by mimo_

Finally, if you are going to travel far and literally get your head above the clouds, be sure to take your camera with you! Well done to my friend Josh for climbing Jade mountain. Definitely some great cloud photos there.

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