20 Inspiring Shadow Photos: Welcome to the Dark Side

August 2, 2010 · 16 comments

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We talk about lighting so much in photography that we sometimes forget how shadows can be an interesting subject itself. Shadows can create depth, texture, contrasts, geometric shapes and even illusions. Here are 20 great examples that will have you look at shadows in a different way.

Now along with cloud spotting, there’s something else to look forward to during the day.

Glaring shadows by Yiie

Angles, lines, light, and shadows by kevindooley

Shadow by Rickydavid

Shadow of a Doubt by Daniel Y. Go

Divine Shadow by Rob Overcash Photography (robotography)

Cemetery by andrew.deci

Sombras by André-Batista

Shadows by [jazzalnero]

House of the long shadows by fazen

My shadow on stilts by Jasmic

Broken Shadows by bramanz

Out Of This Shadows, Comes The Light by Toni Blay

The cat and his shadow by * starrynight1

Shadow Balloons Red & Green by trish1380

Shadow on the wall by duesentrieb

Urban Shadows by blackheartking.com (xtyler)

Camel caravan shadow by causalien

Shadow and light by Ferdi’s – World

Shadow Play by ebergcanada

Sunset lamp shadow by tortipede

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