7 Ideas For Great Maternity Photography

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Pregnancy is an exciting time for a woman as her body goes through changes. When it comes to maternity photography, it’s not just about taking photos of the big belly, but also capturing the essence and glow of the woman. Here are some quick tips to help you take the perfect maternity photo.

1. Pick the Right Time

The best time to take the photos is when she’s around 30 weeks pregnant. The bump is much more noticeable and prominent. Try to avoid long photo sessions in the later stages of the pregnancy as it becomes inconvenient for the woman to freely move around and pose.

Photo by GalaGankina

2. Get Comfortable

Before the photoshoot, advise the mother-to-be to wear something comfortable – preferably something tight but stretchy. She might need to bring a change of clothes depending on what you wish to capture. Make sure the mother-to-be is comfortable and feels relaxed in her element at all times. Some women can be very conscious about their bodies during pregnancy, so give her compliments and let her know that she’s beautiful.

Photo by cainadamsson

3. Good Lighting

Showing off the curves of the woman’s body involves the right amount of lighting. If you’re not in a studio, then try not to use a flash unless you really have to. The flash can wash out the whole image and make the subject look rather flat.

If you are inside, look around for natural lighting like from windows. During the evening, use lighting sources with a warmer and softer color.

Photo by NocternitysanctuaryC

4. Go Outside

Take a break from studio photos or indoor shots and head outside for inspiration. Places like the beach or parks can provide the photos with a refreshing background and give you a different perspective. You can also find some interesting props and poses.

Photo by *michael sweet*

 5. Simplicity is Key

Like most portrait photography, keep the background uncluttered. Having more in the background distracts the main subject and the story becomes lost in the busy backdrop.

Being pregnant is beauty in itself and you don’t need much to highlight it. A simple, carefully crafted silhouette of the mother-to-be in nude can be amazing. And an up-close framed photo of the belly can also make a visual impact.

Photo by Robert-Foto

6. Have the Family Involved

Add the family into the photos; whether it’s the father of the baby, the mother’s parents, the current children or even the pet. Although it’s nice to have the typical studio of the family, try to take a few candid ones too. There’s nothing more alluring than people interacting with each other and forgetting that the camera is there. You would be able to capture the natural facial expressions and gestures.

Photo by 86AD

7. Be Creative

Feel free to think outside the box but just make sure the mother-to-be is on the same page as you. Play around props, photograph from a different angle, have her try different poses and look out for interesting and textured backgrounds.

The clichéd maternity photos will be cherished and make it to the family album, but it’s the one that’s a little bit quirky or different that will be remembered and adored the most.

Photo by AnnieWonder

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