A Photographer’s Guide To Google +

February 1, 2012 · 6 comments

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If you are thinking that Google+ is a lonely place, then you are in for a surprise!

G+ is by far the most interactive platform for sharing photographs that I have come across.

Yes, Facebook gets you likes and comments from friends and family, who just always ‘love your pics’, ‘wished they were there with you’ and told you ‘how awesome you looked’.

But, if you are a serious photography enthusiast who is looking for inspiration, variety, global exposure, critiques; G+ is the place to be.

Here are few steps which will get you started:

1.  Put up a profile picture

This might seem like a frivolous thing, but believe me not many people circle back faceless profiles.

2.  Fill in your Profile details

This is just as important as the first point. Maybe you are a business analyst, or an investment banker, but remember what you are at G+ for.  Make sure to mention your interest in photography on your profile.

3.  Start posting

Well, I know there may not be many people in your circle and not many people who have circled you, but you need to have some  interesting content first… isn’t this how a blog works too?!

4.  What to post?

Post your favourite photos.  It is a good idea to give a nice description to your image. Remember, your audience is global in  nature.  What might seem obvious in your country might not be in others.  So, if the image is of a local custom – explain it, if it is a monument- give its history, and so forth.

5.  Circle photographers

Find some awesome lists of photographers here and here.   Add photographers that interest you.  For example, if you are interested in street photography – search for the list and circle people from the list.

Some photographer groups are open, so you can also add your name to the list.

6.  Start interacting

Now that you have photographers in your circle, you will find your G+ stream full of awesome images! Just don’t look at them with awe, start communicating – comment, +1 and share!

 7.  Invite critiques

The best way to grow as a photographer is through critiques.  If you want some serious critiques from photography enthusiasts from across the world, then visit this page and follow the instructions.

8.  Get discovered!

Participate in Daily Photography themes. ‘Daily photography themes’ is a great way to share your best photographs and also discover amazing talent.

So there are themes like +ActionMonday, +PortraitTuesday, +Wide Angle Wednesday, +Coffee Thursday, +FeetFriday,+#RuralSaturday, +Beach Sunday, and so forth…

There are multiple themes to choose from each day. Feeling lost? Fret not! Just visit this page, select the day from the drop-down menu and discover the themes for that day.

Contributing to a theme is simple. Each photography theme page has a set of instructions. Here is an example of how I normally do it.

9. Go have some fun!

And while you are at it, do not forget to circle me.

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