20 Urban Decay Photographs: Where Ugly is Beautiful

November 15, 2010 · 0 comments

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We can all appreciate natural beauty. Sun setting over the ocean. Exotic flowers blooming across the mountains. The golden leaves of Autumn trees. But the true beauty of photography is capturing everyday objects and the fleeting moments that pass by. These urban decay inspired photos shed some new light onto the every day dirt and grime of the raw streets.

Still Pretty by brendanclarke


Urban Decay by ZeroOne

Untitled by Tom Troutman

Rear staircase by Timothy Neesam

Urbay Decay by pagati

Just Barely by Dryad & Sprite Photography

Urbay Decay by jesse.millan

Untitled by franconiangirl

House of 1000 corpses by Яoberto Hidalgo

Urban Decay by piglicker

Fundo azul by Paulo Heuser

Unloved by jsrice00

Banco by Zórzimo Croquezz

Think I’ll pass on the tea break by Just Josie

Industrial by Just Josie

A Place to Sit Among the Flowers by Generik11

Found Objects by diegophotographed

Rusty Resting Place by — david

The Colors of Fall by Thank You For Shopping

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