20 Transparent Screen Photo Illusions: See it to Believe it

September 3, 2010 · 23 comments

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Wouldn’t it be cool if your computer, mobile or iPad screen can be see-through? Well, now there’s a new photo craze that does just that. It gives the illusion that the screen is transparent by simply taking a photo of your surrounding, making it appear full-screen and then take another photo with the screen blending into the environment. It’s easy, creative and the results are pretty cool. Give this quick photo task a go today and impress your friends!

Transparent Screen by yohann.aberkane

Transparent Screen by Ross Mayfield

Transparent Screen iPad by Willow (Chengyin)

Tela transparente by black_wall

Transparent Screens by akahuan

Dzid behind the screen by dwuziu

Transparent Macbook by delphwynd

Transparent iPhone & MacBook by vernhart

Transparent Screen by Nubrig

Transparent Screen by thomerow

Transparent Screen by Pancho’s

My Transparent Desktop by thejcgerm

I Win by trekmtber

=) by Felipe Navarro V.

Untitled by BenSeese

Cheating but fun by Plucker

Invisible ipod by timsnell

Fence sitter by swilsonmc

Pac-Manic by Do The Robo Boogie

Untitled by kaengiii@mmp2

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